2021 Convocation on Equality

2021 Convocation on Equality

NOVEMBER 5, 2021

In response to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the Executive Committee of the Diversity Section has decided to plan a virtual Convocation 2021.  The main programming of the Convocation will be via online platform(s), and in-person event(s) celebrating community and the Convocation will be planned if public health guidelines allow the section to do so responsibly. 


We are seeking volunteers to help us plan the decennial Convocation on Equality scheduled for fall 2021.  Please review the subcommittee descriptions below and sign up to volunteer here.

2021 Convocation on Equality Volunteer Subcommittee Descriptions

Time commitments may vary between subcommittees. Each subcommittee will meet at least 1 hour a month and may include tasks to be completed between meetings.

Programming and Keynote Committee

Planning and organizing programming, including various tracks and keynotes that meet the theme and mission of the 2021 Convocation on Equality.

Marketing and Registration

Work with Convocation on Equality 2021 subcommittees to develop cohesive marketing strategy and work with the Oregon State Bar on issues including registration and accreditation.

Recognition Committee

Lead the development of creative ways to recognize efforts by various individuals, firms, and organizations focused on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion during the Convocation on Equality.

Stakeholder Engagement Committee

Coordinate participation of stakeholders to ensure that the full scope of the Bar’s diversity and equity efforts are reflected in Convocation on Equality 2021. 

Networking and Mentoring Committee

In coordination with other committees as appropriate, develop a plan to enhance networking and mentoring opportunities during and after the Convocation on Equality 2021.

Finance Committee

Develop and manage budget for Convocation on Equality 2021.

Video Committee

Develop an inspirational video for presentation at Convocation on Equality 2021 highlighting the diversity and equity work of the legal community over the past 20 years and asking the question, “what more needs to be done?”

OLIO Alumni Committee

Committee consisting of OLIO alumni that works with the Networking and Mentoring committee and others to highlight the accomplishments of the 20 years of OLIO.